Thriving Threes - Preschool





Our three year old program is designed to promote a period of development as children gain confidence in their social and cognitive skills. With a slightly more structured routine than in previous years, they increase their knowledge of shapes, colors, letters, and numbers through art and crafts, songs, body movement, group time and learning centers. Language development is expanded with activities such as "Share Day" in which they tell the class all about their special item brought from home.



Independence is fine-tuned as they become more self-reliant and are able to "do it themselves". This is done through life skills such as pouring their own juice, cleaning up after an art project and taking care of their own things.

Social skills play a big part in our three year old program as our caring and warm staff are always there to give children that extra big hug in the morning.  Developing problem-solving skills are incorporated into the daily routine as the three year olds work on settling their differences, being a good share friend and making decisions as to which learning center to visit next.

All in all, our Thriving Threes are building the crucial social, physical and cognitive foundation needed for the more academic years to follow.

Additional Information


Children entering our Thriving Threes program must be completely potty trained and able to handle bathroom needs on their own.  Please speak to one of our directors if your child is still working on this skill, so we can meet his/her needs.
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