Leadership Notebooks: A uniquely WHPS learning tool

Written by Jacey Dexter, Elementary Principal on .

WHPS is an individualized academic program, which means each student is on a unique learning path. One of the most powerful tools we have developed that serves as the backbone to this approach is something we call a Leadership Notebook (AKA Leadership Binder). In the Leadership Notebook, teachers work with each student to set, track, and achieve academic and personal goals.  

Leadership Notebooks help each student develop an understanding of their strengths, while also planning meaningful ways they can strengthen those areas that don't come as easily. In the years since we launched this program, I have seen wonderful growth in student engagement, enthusiasm, and pride in their learning. 

SLCs are right around the corner, February 22-23. This is your next opportunity to take an in depth look at your child's goals and progress, together with the teachers and the most important stakeholder, your child! For families already in our elementary program, sign up links will be coming out next week. 

In the meantime...
I am excited to share a glimpse inside a Leadership Notebook with one of our 5th graders, Ava Grace. Enjoy!


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