School Threats on Tik Tok & Social Media

Written by Seth Pozzi, Head of School on .

WHPS families:

We have been following the alarming stories over the past couple days about posts on Tik Tok and other social media encouraging school violence and/or children to bring weapons to school today, December 17. 

LAPD has been watching the situation closely, and at this time local authorities and law enforcement across the country have said they’ve received no evidence that the threats are credible. Even so, we take any threats seriously, and the safety of our families and staff is always our top priority. Our staff will be extra vigilant for any issues happening on campus, and we ask the same of our families. 

A reminder to families and students that if you come across any threats on social media, do not re-post. Instead, take a screenshot or picture of the threat and report it to LAPD and WHPS immediately. We have strong safety plans in place in the event we ever need to activate them. We also keep a direct line of communication with our Senior Lead Officers. We would rather act early, out of an abundance of caution, if there is ever a concern. 


Again, it does not look like this week's threats are credible, but we will continue to investigate any concerns that come to us. If we become aware of any threats that appear to be credible, we will take immediate action and will alert families right away through our text alert system.

Thank you,

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Head of School

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