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Halloween Parades & Parties
Join us for the annual Halloween Costume Parade and class parties!
Oxnard Campus
Tuesday, October 30
@ 10am
2 & 3 year olds

Wednesday, October 31
@ 11:00am
Pre-K & Elementary

Collins Campus
Tuesday, October 31
@ 9:30am
Fall 2019

TK-5th Grade

Saturday, November 3, 2018  |  10 AM - Noon
Every Tuesday in November  |  10 - 11 AM

Come learn about our school's award-winning program, which is rooted in the belief that social and emotional curriculum is as important as a rigorous academic curriculum.

Current families are given priority
and may avoid the waitlist by applying
by December 7.
Thank You for Giving Back to WHPS!

WHPS has a no-solicitation fundraising policy. Any fundraising that takes place is done by the parents-associations, PAWS and PAG.

This makes it all that much more special when a family does choose to donate their time, books, classroom materials, or make a more significant gift to one of the school funds: Campus Improvement Fund, Professional Development Fund, Financial Aid Fund, or for other special projects or causes. 

We want to give a special thank you to one of our families who recently made a significant donation to the Campus Improvement Fund, which is helping the school move forward with several construction projects and accelerate the timeline for some long-term larger campus improvements.

In this case, the family wishes to remain anonymous, but we want all our families to know we are truly flattered and grateful for your support, whatever the form. If you have any questions about options for giving back to WHPS, please don't hesitate to speak with me. 

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Head of School

Materials & Birthday Books Donations
Tsivislavsky Family - A variety of wonderful classroom materials
Heather Jones - Copies of Unusual Animals, purchased from Rhythm Child 
Wonacott family - Toddler Books
Holland family - New playhouse
Thank you to - All families who donated books to their child’s classroom from the Book Fair

Special Edition | Seth Pozzi -  Head of School

Join us for a monthly Coffee & Conversation!
The school you choose for your child is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly.  Most of us spend hours, days, and weeks...months researching the right preschool, elementary, middle school, or high school; the best pediatrician or orthodontist. We take the time to care about significant elements in our children's life. After all that research, you have chosen to be part of a truly special community at WHPS, one that is known for unique and strong parent partnerships, deep understanding of child development, and a school where we pride ourselves on responsiveness to our families.

Raising our children is an awesome task, and to do so alone would be overwhelming. With this in mind, we are opening up a new atmosphere for discussion and sharing. Throughout the year, we will be hosting Coffee & Conversation sessions with our admin team. We will gather in the Oxnard campus library to chat about hot topics in the news, tricky parenting issues, and to help build connections among families.

Coffee & Conversation is a chance to come together with other caring, well-intentioned adults and think together about parenting issues that don't always have a simple solution. Coffee & Conversation is open to all families from both of our campuses; even friends, neighbors and family members who don’t currently attend one of our schools.

Some Coffee & Conversation topics will appeal to families with very young children, and others will be more applicable to elementary-age children, though everyone is welcome! Our first Coffee & Conversation (October 12) will be about Online Gaming: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

We have some other great topics in store, but we also want to be sure we are addressing the hottest most relevant topics of interest to our community. If you have a suggestion for topic(s) you’d like us to discuss, please let us know! You can fill out this form or simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We may not be able to get to everything right away, but we would love to know what’s on your mind.

Preschool News
Collins Campus
Robin & Ms. Ailin
Oxnard Campus
Ms. Tracy & Ms. Christine

What a wonderful start we have had this school year! September has been a month for children to adjust to all the new rhythms, rituals, and routines. One important way to help your child start off the day on the right foot is to ensure your child comes to school on time. This allows for some well-needed playtime with their friends before officially making the home-school transition. Also, keep in mind that one of the most important parts of the day is Circle Time. During this time the children are not only exposed to new concepts and discussions, but it helps set the tone for the day. A smooth Circle Time virtually guarantees a smooth day and eases separation anxiety.

As we move into the second full month of school, we are excited to jump into the serious business of play and learning. In preschool, learning is happening constantly! Some of the most significant learning that is hard to replicate outside of a preschool classroom occurs in: Circle Time, Learning Centers and through play.

At our September Parent Speaker event, Recess Revolution, we were reminded just how much children actually learn through play. Robots are taking over menial tasks and jobs, but there are some things robots simply can’t do. These non-robot skills and abilities are precisely what our children need to be good at in order to eventually be successful in the modern workforce: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. If we could add one more “C” to that list it would be Conflict Resolution. And, all of these skills are perhaps best learned through play.

Creativity is a skill or ability, the importance of which is often underestimated. If we want our children to think like entrepreneurs, we can’t always prescribe the rules of play or schedule them to the hilt with organized activities. Children’s brains go through a process of synaptic pruning from infancy until about age 20. Kristin Shepherd from Recess Revolution conjectured that perhaps we cause this process of pruning to go too far, as illustrated by the image of the stick. Think about the stick from the perspective of a child who hasn't yet had the creativity pruned away. Do we want robot thinkers or Steve Jobs thinkers? Without a doubt, organized activities like soccer and tee-ball have their own benefits. But, it is unstructured play that activates and develops creativity.

Another concern raised by Shepherd is that we may be overly insulating children from conflict. For many of us, conflict feels uncomfortable. We may be tempted to step in to resolve an issue between children because we want to avoid unfairness or hurt feelings. But, the subtle message this can convey is that children aren’t capable of resolving conflict without the help of an authority figure. Our children will eventually need to function in a society that is pretty polarized, and what a gift is would be if we could send them out into the world with the ability and confidence to creatively and amicably resolve conflict. 

(some photos from the Recess Revolution parent speaker and playdate)

-One parent exclaimed, “This is great, they are conflicting!”

As Halloween approaches, we welcome all families to join us for our annual Halloween parades and parties!

Thank you to all the parents who attended Back to School Night. It was a great evening and a chance to learn about the upcoming year and curriculum. PAG and PAWS are up and running; be sure to get on their Facebook pages so you don't miss important updates, special events, and volunteer opportunities coming up this year:

PAWS (Oxnard parents association) Facebook Page
PAG (Collins parents association) Facebook Page

Our extra-curricular classes have begun, so if your child is not yet signed up please come by the office and take a look at what's available. We still have spaces in some classes.
Elementary News | Jacey Dexter - Elementary Principal

As we move into the new school year, I want to take time to write about something that is very important not only to WHPS, philosophically, but also to me personally: Inclusive Education. Oftentimes, when speaking about Inclusive Education people go directly to thinking of including students with needs outside of the “normative range.” While this is one way to think about inclusivity, it is an oversimplification. Inclusive Education is the fundamental belief that every child and family is valued equally and deserves the same opportunities and experiences. Inclusive Education is not a program that a school can choose to run (or not run), it is an educational philosophy that values the participation and education of ALL students in the classroom.

It is no secret that children’s literature is severely limited in its representation of children, families, and characters who have diverse backgrounds. Similarly, the entertainment industry is beginning to recognize its own shortcomings in diverse/inclusive representation. With this in mind, last year, our upper elementary classes held a diversity challenge and reviewed their own class libraries to identify the gaps and limitations in the collection. Since then, we have worked to build the diversity represented, both in our individual classroom libraries as well as in Ann’s Library (the main school library) and will continue to do so to ensure a wide variety of cultures, family structures, and abilities are represented.

(a few recent literature acquisitions)

Celebrating Dia de los Muertos | Friday, November 2
At WHPS, we strive to educate our students about the beauty in the diversity around us. This year we will be holding a Dia de los Muertos celebration and constructing a WHPS Community Ofrenda. We invite all families to bring in pictures of loved ones to place in the library, beginning Monday, October 29 (please clearly label your photographs with your child’s name and room number so they can be returned to you). The elementary students will be learning about this cultural celebration and developing special projects in: Art, Music, Spanish, Technology, and even Barnyard will participate in their own special way.

We hope you will join us on Friday, November 2 for the culmination of these studies. We will have a special Morning Assembly and a chance for you and your child to visit the WHPS Community Ofrenda afterward. We are launching this new tradition as a way to honor and remember loved ones and to take part in a cultural celebration together.

Feel free to stop in anytime throughout the week to visit the WHPS Community Ofrenda. I am excited to launch this new cultural tradition together.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Elementary Principal

"Our Barnyard" News | WHPS Science & Nature Center
Hello animal lovers!

Some exciting things are happening in Our Barnyard. Right now some of our finch eggs are hatching in the aviary. So far only one baby is old enough to leave the nest, but more will be following soon. Come find them; just look for the finches with black beaks instead of orange.

The excitement continues in our elementary classes. The fifth graders just had their first rabbit test. When they pass, they are allowed to hold our dwarf rabbits whenever they come and visit the barnyard on their own! Soon we hope every fifth grader will have this privilege. We are also starting to dive into the curriculum. Fifth and second grade have been learning about natural selection and will be getting their “creatures” soon, which will slowly evolve throughout the year as part of their Evolution & Genetics project.  Fourth and first grade will be learning how animal populations change and about different biomes on earth, while third and K learn how to design homes for animals and how to properly feed them.

Of course we can’t forget preschool! Did you know that you are a mammal? Or that only mammals have hair? Well, our preschoolers definitely do. So far we have focused on mammals and what makes them special. We got to meet all the mammals in the barnyard, brush down a donkey, and even run wild with the goats. Next we will be moving on to birds and everything that makes a bird a bird.

Don’t forget to come visit barnyard before or after school. We know all the animals will be happy to see you.

Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Tanja

We're on Instagram @whpschool!

October Events - 2018
Check out our Google Calendar for all upcoming events!
Oct. Collins Oxnard
3   PAWS Meeting @ 6:30pm
8   Speech & Language Screening
9 Picture Day (Rm. 7, 9, 10 & Siblings) Speech & Language Screening
10 PAWS - Restaurant Night @ The Stand
10 Picture Day (Rm. 4, 5, 6 & 8)  
11 Picture Day (Rm. 1, 2 & 3)  
12 Coffee & Conversation: Online Gaming: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
12   PAWS - Parents Night Out 6-10pm
15   PAWS - Photography Event
16 PAG Meeting @ 6:00pm PAWS - Photography Event
17 PAG - Restaurant Night @ West Hills Pizza
17 Farmers Market - Hosted by Rm. 4 PAWS - Photography Event
WHPS Bears Soccer Game vs. Beth Hillel @ Valley Soccer Center
18 CA Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill
18 Speech & Language Screening  
19 Speech & Language Screening  
20 PAG - Kids Night Out 5-9pm  
21 PAWS - Fall Festival 11am-2pm
22   Elementary Student-Led Conferences (NO ELEMENTARY CLASSES - Childcare Available)
23 PAG - Mobile Marine Lab Elementary Student-Led Conferences (NO ELEMENTARY CLASSES - Childcare Available)
24   WHPS Bears Soccer Game vs. Los Encinos @ Valley Soccer Center
25   PAWS - Contortionist Event
26   Middle School Information/Panel Discussion @ 4:00pm
29   WHPS Community Ofrenda
30   Halloween Parade for 2-3 YO Classes @ 10am
WHPS Community Ofrenda
31 Halloween Parade @ 9:30am Halloween Parade for PreK-5th Grade @ 11am
WHPS Community Ofrenda
1   WHPS Community Ofrenda
2   Elementary Dia de los Muertos Assembly & Final Day of Community Ofrenda
3 Fall 2019 Info. Session for TK-5th Grade @ 10am

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