Allergic to Popsicles?

Written by Seth Pozzi, Asst. Head of School on .

Does your child or someone you know have an allergy to nuts? Milk? Eggs? Wheat? Soy? Fish? Popsicles?

Yes, honestly, there was recently a voluntary recall of some Popsicle brand Orange, Cherry and Grape flavored ice pops because they may have been inadvertently exposed to milk, which is not listed

Standardized Testing!!!???

Written by Seth Pozzi, Head of School on .

Each spring, students in grades 3-5 take the ERB (Educational Records Bureau) Comprehensive Testing Program. The ERB enables us to compare student achievement with peers in other private schools across the US. The ERB assessment system aligns nicely with our program because it focuses on critical

The Impact of Mindset on Children's Learning

Written by Seth Pozzi, Asst. Head of School on .

“I’m just not a math person.” I was speaking with someone last week who uttered this [unfortunately] common statement. Many people, especially in the U.S., will say this as though it’s no big deal. Yet, rarely would someone say, “I’m just not a literate person.” Why is it that one of these

How do Children Succeed?

Written by Seth Pozzi, Asst. Head of School on .

Academic learning is important, but it is only part of what students need to succeed in life. A critical part of our character strengths education program involves our students learning how to respond to challenges. At WHPS, our students have frequent opportunities to reflect on aspects of a

Positive "Teacher" Language

Written by Seth Pozzi, Asst. Head of School on .

At WHPS, we believe that the way our teachers talk to children is a key ingredient in creating our warm, inclusive community. We know that our language can empower children, and it can be a powerful tool to encourage and support learning. Positive Teacher Language is inextricably tied to our

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