Pediatric Vaccine FAQs

Written by Seth Pozzi, Head of School on .

WHPS families:


As we mentioned in the November Newsletter, our goal is to share as much meaningful information as possible now that the vaccine is available. Agoura-West Valley Pediatrics, which has served as a valuable community resource throughout the pandemic, hosted a Facebook LIVE discussion on November 2, 2021. We are sharing the recording below, along with a summary of topics discussed.   



The full recording is linked here, and the key topics discussed are summarized below. 


  • 2-10μg doses, 3 weeks apart (compared to 30μg doses for age 12+).
  • Less fever and chills in young children than with the larger dose.
  • Development of the immune system is primarily associated with age, not size/weight, so don’t wait until a child turns 12 if they qualify now.
  • Side effects (fatigue, muscle pain) within 24-48 hours: Can give Advil/Tylenol if needed but only after the shot. 


  • Benefit of the vaccine far outweighs the risk of getting COVID.
  • No deaths or serious allergic reactions occurred during studies for ages 5-11.
  • Vaccine is approx. 91% effective at preventing symptomatic infection.


  1. COVID is not serious for children
  • COVID is the 8th leading cause of death in children aged 5-11.
  • Children currently comprise a larger percentage of those contracting COVID.
  • Children ICU and deaths are occuring due to COVID.
  • 30% of kids hospitalized w/COVID had no other comorbidities.
  • 8-10% of kids who get COVID become long-haulers.
  1. COVID vaccine causes myocarditis
  • 6x more likely to get myocarditis by having COVID than from the vaccine. 
  • Very rare: 450 cases occurred from children actually having COVID, 77 linked to vaccine.
  • If a child develops myocarditis from COVID infection, they are more likely to have complications and need to be hospitalized.
  • No child has had any long-term consequences from vaccine-related myocarditis. 
  1. COVID vaccine was available so quickly because of shortcuts
  • Full process took place
  • Faster because:
    • Able to get many more trial participants much faster than other vaccines.
    • Able to test more easily during the pandemic - many exposures to test against.
    • Jumped to the front of line for decision making because of urgency (normal decision making process remained the same).
    • Based on 30 years of research on mRNA.
    • Better technology and software now available.
    • Pre-existing studies of SARS spike protein.
  1. COVID is like the flu
  • Everyone is exposed to the flu every year and has some preexisting immunity. People have not been exposed to COVID until recently and immune systems are not prepared for it without the vaccine.
  • Flu does not have the same death rate as COVID.
  • Don’t have good antivirals like Tamiflu to reduce symptoms and contagiousness.
  1. COVID causes infertility
  • Catching COVID may cause a decrease in sperm count, vaccine does not.
  • COVID vaccine does not go after other proteins.
  • No issues w/pregnancy have been recorded.
  • Infertility should not be a reason to not get the vaccine.
  1. Vaccine (mRNA) changes our genes and/or causes cancer
  • mRNA doesn’t stay in the body long enough to cause problems (~72 hours).
  • mRNA does not enter nucleus and cannot change or reach DNA.


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