Additional Details for Fall 2020

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Elementary families:

Here are some additional IMPORTANT UPDATES for fall 2020 (please also see last week's email)

Report Cards - Next Week
End of year report cards will be going home electronically next week. Please watch for the email.

Enrollment Contracts - Due NO LATER THAN July 1
You will receive an email from 1Core (our online family management system) next week with your enrollment contract for fall. Please review and ensure this is completed by July 1 to guarantee your child’s space.

Looking Ahead to Fall - Remember to review FAQs
I have received a couple questions about Class Family Groups and want to make a clarification in case this wasn’t clear. The Class Family Group structure simply means we are reducing class-size even further and your child will be assigned to one teacher with a smaller group of children instead of two teachers with a larger group. The group will remain static as explained in the FAQs.

Reduced Hours & Drop Off/Pick Up - Currently scheduled for 7:45-8:15
Because we cannot mix children from different Class Family Groups, we have had to temporarily reduce the extended care hours. For your convenience, we are now offering rolling drop off for 30 minutes before school starts and continuing to offer rolling pick up from 3:00-3:15 each day.  

  • If your child uses a car seat/booster please ensure that it’s on the passenger side and then they can get in and out on their own quickly and efficiently (practice now).
  • Until the health/safety guidance changes, elementary parents are asked to use rolling drop off/pick up and remain in their vehicles (unless also dropping off/picking up a preschooler).
  • Our staff cannot reach in to buckle and unbuckle children.
  • If children are not able to do this yet, you will be able to park and walk your child to the entrance gate.
  • With these temporary changes to school hours, we expect heavier than normal traffic. Please note the carpool lane will close promptly at 8:15 (regardless of weather or traffic conditions) to maintain a predictable traffic flow in the main lot.

Some parents are asking if they will be able to see the classroom before school starts. Currently, there are restrictions on campus visitors. Until the health/safety guidance changes, you cannot come on campus to visit the classroom, but we will post and share photos so you and your child can get acclimated to the new classroom the week before school starts. Because of the reduced group sizes, we are adding additional portable classrooms for some of our upper grade classes. These will be climate controlled spaces that will allow some flexibility for indoor and outdoor learning.

Remember that teachers will be hosting individual Intake Conferences with each family August 12-14.

What if there is a temporary closure next year?
We reopened for the summer program beginning on June 1 with many of the same guidelines that will be in place for fall. So far, the kids and teachers have been excited to be back, and we feel prepared to safely weather the remainder of this pandemic. Even with the Class Family Group structure, there is always a chance we will have another temporary closure, even if it only involves one classroom.

We hope there will not be another closure, and if there is a closure in the future it may only impact one Class Family Group and/or may be for a much shorter time frame. We are prepared so that if a closure happens, the learning will be more seamless and will include live instruction in the morning for literacy and math, as well as specialist classes in the afternoon.

What if you have questions now?
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call me in the school office. I will also be hosting two live Zoom sessions for any elementary parents who have questions on the dates below. You’re welcome to join even if you don’t currently have questions and would just like to hear what other families are wondering about.

Class Placements
While we are trying to make school as normal and pleasant for the children as possible, we adults have to remember this is still an extreme situation. If you have a hope or preference as to certain friends you might wish to see in your child’s class, please email me and let me know. We will do everything within our power to honor your preferences.

WHPS is running at just about full capacity for fall. As soon as registration contracts are all in by July 1, we will have final enrollment numbers for each grade. By the end of July, all teachers will be contracted, and we can announce Class Family Groups and the teacher you will have for fall. 

Throughout this process we are striving to give you a great deal of transparency, which means we will continue to communicate as official health/safety guidance continues to come out. Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to join one of our Zoom sessions.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable summer!
Seth Pozzi
Head of School

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