A Look at Student Perceptions

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Student Perceptions
What do they think, and what do we do with that information?

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to serve on a WASC Accreditation Committee, conducting an in-depth evaluation of another school. I spent three days on campus meeting with the school’s leadership team and parents, observing teachers/students, and learning what their program is all about. I enjoyed serving on the committee and gaining some wonderful insights into their program. But, it also reinforced how special and outstanding our program and community are. This year, our school is also renewing our WASC accreditation, and I can’t wait for the committee to come see what we are all about. 

What is WASC Really Looking at?
We develop a self-study and action plan, outlining our goals for the next six years, addressing the areas below. These goals are based on feedback from: students, parents, teachers and the leadership team.

  • Organization & Support for Growth - How well does the school live out its vision and support the needs and academic achievement of all students? 
  • Community Involvement - How is the school involved in the community and how involved is the parent community with the school? 
  • Resource Management - Are resources allocated equitably to best support the needs and academic achievement of all students?
  • Curriculum Instruction & Assessment - To what extent is the school’s curriculum rooted in educational research and proven to be effective? 

Student Survey
Part of our self-study includes a student survey, which we recently conducted with the entire elementary school. We asked students about their school experience. You can find a list of the questions here. I am sharing some data from the survey (a full analysis will be included in the WASC report available to parents this spring). 


 Further expansion of the leveled library has already been added to our next action plan for Resource Management. The above questions reflect just one small example of how feedback (in this case from students) is used in shaping our goals. 

I DARE you to read this last part and not smile!
In the survey we asked students the following open ended questions. Students were not required to answer. Here are all the answers we received (click the links to find out what they said).

  1. I think my family chose WHPS because...
  2. The best part about WHPS is...
  3. Something I wish we could learn about is...

You can learn more about our action plan and goals throughout the year. And, I strongly encourage you to come meet with our Accreditation Committee when they are on campus this Match. Stay tuned for more information.

Student Survey Responses

I think my family chose

WHPS because...

 The best part

about WHPS is...

Something I wish

we could learn about is...

My parents love the school and when they meet the kids they felt that all the kids feel happy.

Because they want me to learn a lot.

It's a good school and the last school was the worst.

Because I am on level.

Because it is close to my house.

I chose this school because my best friend from preschool was going to it.

Because my family wants me to learn a lot and for me to go to a good school.

It is a safe environment.

Because it is a really good school and it’s a private school.

Because it was a smaller, calmer, easier, school.

This school is fun.

My brother went to this school.

I think they think that it is safe.

Everyone is nice and no bullying.

Because it has better education than public schools and we have friends that go to this school and everybody is very respectful.

It is a good school.

It is a good private school and is close to my house.

Because it is a great school and I can learn a lot.

Because I think that it is a very good campus to learn.

My family chose this school because my TK and kindergarten best friend came to this school.

Homework, better education, closer to home.

Because it has a lot of different subjects.

We have been her for 6 years.

It does grade ahead work. Everyone is united and is a friend.

Because it's nice.

Because it's a private school.

Because it was big.

Because I will learn more.

Because they liked it.

Because they thought this was a good school for me to learn.

Because another school wouldn't let me go in 1st grade.

Because I was in a bad school and then they saw WHPS.

They thought it would be awesome.

Because it's good for me.

Because they want me to learn more.

Because they saw it and they thought it was going to be a great school.


Because they are so kind to me.


Because they liked it.

Most of the things I need to learn - books, math makes me smart. Not too much fun.

Because they like it for me.

Because it’s new and they want me to learn new things.

To have fun be good and learn. This school is really helpful.

It's a good school and a nice place to learn.

It's helpful.

Because my cousin goes to the other campus.

Because it's a good school.

Big school and I like it.

Because it's a big school and it's good for me.

The wanted me to be at a good school.

It's the right school for me.

Because it has a lot of nice teachers and is really expensive and I love it.

Because they think I will like it a lot.

Because I'm a good listener at school.

Because I was here in preschool.

Because I’m happy.

They were good friends.

I wanted to come to this school.

God said.

It was good for me.

They like it.

It's super good and I'm not grumpy when I leave school.

They didn't like schools that were different.

It's a nice school.

Because it has nice play yards.

Because it's nice people here.

I'm not sure.

Because they went to school when they were kids.

Because my brother went here.

Because I love it here.

Its name is Woodland Hills Private School.

That they didn’t want me to wear a school uniform.

It’s a good school and I will have fun and learn.

It is close to our house.

Because WHPS is the best school ever.

It was a good school.

It is good for me.

Because I have been at this school for my whole life.

I don’t know.

They saw a commercial and decided to put me into it.

I think that they love this school so much.

So I could be with my brother.

It is a great school.

Better education.

It is very close to my house and it is private.

Because I like animals.

Because WHPS is close to my house. 

Great teachers and everybody is friendly.

The basketball hoops.

My friends.

It is a fun place.

Either the barnyard or the cool specialist classes.

It teaches me a lot about subjects.

Is the friends that I made.

My friends and the games and teachers.

It feels like home.

The administration.

The teachers.

The teachers.

The education system.


P.E. (thx coach) everybody is nice and very respectful smart and helpful.

The supportive teachers.

The friends and teachers I have.

It is fun.


All the people and students are very nice and caring and are super kind.

P.E & Computers & Math.


It has a good time for the school day.

Bully free.


My friends.

That we have a pool.

That I have friends.

I get to play with my friends.

I went to Collins campus.


Going to barnyard.


When I get to see my sister.

That we get to learn a lot.


We get to play at PE, recess, snack and lunch.

We do art.

Play yard.

Play equipment.

I get to play with friends.

A lot of math.


Get to have fun.


Great toys.

Computer and art more often.

My friends.


Fun and helpful for me to learn.

Making new friends.

Playing inside.

Ms. Tripp is my teacher and I love her.

Lots of books.

Playing on the playground.

That there's so much to do.

Hugging Miss Kasey.

Clapping hands.





Playing with Samaara.

The basketball.

Sometimes we have PE.



Readers workshop.

Writers workshop.

Being nice to others.


Maple yard.

Writers workshop and computers.

Writers workshop.

It's fun.

Math, recess and lunch.

That I can make new friends and play with them.

The subjects, the people , the teachers, but mostly everything!

The barnyard and to meet and socialize with other kids to make new friends. The extremely nice teachers and the curriculum to find the perfect level of reading, math and special abilities to help kids learn.

I love having friends at this school.

They have nice teachers

To see my friends.



That they help us in math.

I love writers workshop.

The teachers and the animals.



Having fun.

PE because we run a lot and it's super fun.


I have a lot of friends.

I can learn. 

Is that the school is safe for me.



What happens after life.

9th grade math.


Civil Rights!

The history of sports in P.E.

How to type faster.

Walt Disney.

I don't know. They already teach so many cool things.

Beginning of Earth.

I like everything.

A lot of experiments.

Royals and leaders of other countries.

What is going on all around us.

More weird things in science.

Harder math topics.



Probably more social studies.

Other countries via multicultural night.

How to make crystal candy.

6th grade math in 4th grade.

Geology and physics.


More playing.

Learn about how air is not in space and how air got to Earth.





Counting to 100 in Spanish.

How rockets go into space.


To read.


Switch jobs.




What stuff is made of.








Learn more about school.


More writing.



Learning how to count to 100.

Hot wheels.


Being more helpful.



Having a gym.



To make pumpkins into jackolanterns.



United States.


To read.

To read.


Writers workshop.


How to tie my shoe.

Do more writing on the computer.

Doing math faster.

Kitties and rainbows and puppies and hamsters.




Library class.


Nature and my body.



To learn about the Earth.

Getting better at tipping.

Amazing people.

I wish WHPS had a bigger computer lab.


Learning about how to feed baby animals.

Space, planets, and black holes.

Famous people’s art.


Space station.

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