The Honeymoon Phase

Written by Jacey Dexter, Elementary Principal on .

Welcome to WEEK 2 of elementary school! 

Did you know there is usually a Honeymoon Phase at the beginning of a new school year? The beginning of the year is filled with excitement, new ideas and new friends. Students often experience an easy transition into the year because everything feels so exciting and new.

As some of the novelty wears off, you might see your child regress a little, especially during the morning transition. This can sometimes be shocking to parents after having such an easy start to the year. How can you go from two weeks of bliss to a morning of tears or a rough drop off? 

Rest assured, this is normal and typical for elementary children, though it might look a little different depending on your child’s age. For our younger students, this could mean more tears or resistance saying goodbye in the morning. In upper elementary is may present as complaining of school being...too boring...too hard...no one likes me. 

What you can do to help your child past the Honeymoon Phase:

  • Be proactive with consistent, predictable morning routines. 
  • Validate their feelings but move on quickly. 
  • If your child has a harder time separating in the morning, consider using the carpool lane for drop off. 
  • Avoid showing frustration or jumping in to fix anything; it's a developmentally appropriate phase. 
  • Communication is key - The teachers and administration are here to help. If moving past the Honeymoon Phase is especially challenging for your child, talk to your teacher about coming up with a plan of action. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful WEEK 2, and beyond.

Jacey Dexter

Elementary Principal

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