Student-Led Conferences

Written by Seth Pozzi, Asst. Head of School on .

Sometimes a new concept or trend emerges, and you can’t imagine why we didn’t do this sooner! I believe you will soon agree that the Student-Led Conference (SLC) is a transformational and indispensable tool from which all schools and children could benefit. This year, our Elementary Division is launching SLCs, which will be held October 24-25 and February 23-24.

What is a Student-Led Conference?
An SLC is a meeting with the student’s parents and teachers, which is led primarily by the student. At the SLC, the student will use his/her Leadership Notebook as a tool to report on his/her academic progress, articulate goals he/she has set, show his/her parents assessment data when appropriate, and share examples of his/her work. The role of the teacher in an SLC is to act as a coach, mentor, and advocate.

The SLC process is different from a traditional parent-teacher conference in which the teacher does most of the talking and the parent does the listening. Often in a traditional conference, the student is not even present. The SLC process puts the ownership for learning where it belongs, with the student.

See how an SLC compares to a traditional conference:

Our teachers are trained to help facilitate the SLC so that it is productive and positive. Please note that the SLC is not a time to discuss concerns about something that is beyond your child’s control (e.g. you believe your child may have a speech difficulty, a learning difference, etc.) Your child’s teachers will be glad to schedule a separate meeting or phone call to discuss other questions or concerns.

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