WHPS Creative Approach to Food Allergies

Written by Seth Pozzi on .

Like most schools, Woodland Hills Private School has a number of students and staff with severe food allergies. And like many leading schools we use a word study program instead of asking our students to memorize spelling lists. What do these two things have in common?

On the surface you might think nothing at all. Enter creative, passionate educator and kindergarten teacher, Marjorie Natal. After a couple close calls this year in which well-intentioned parents sent unsafe food items to school, Natal sprang into action with a clever idea. She developed her own food sorting activity based on the school’s word study program. This week, the students and parents in Natal’s class will sort images of items and food labels based on whether they are "safe for school" or "unsafe for school." And while this is just one step in helping to educate and ensure the safety of our community, Natal’s creative approach to teaching is not only fun but it could help save a life!

 Feel free to download and share this resource with anyone who you think might benefit from it. Thanks Ms. Natal!

Seth Pozzi

Asst. Head of School


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